CIUEN 2012

Salon du Numérique

The Salon du Numérique : an opportunity in Europe to meet with stakeholders, users and influencers of the digital world.

During the week from April 16 to 20, 2012, Lyon hosts two prestigious conferences around the digital domain.

www2012, the 21st edition of the international World Wide Web conference. This high-level scientific conference which showcases web technologies of tomorrow, is a place of exchange between researchers developers and web users. Other events take place in this conference such as W4A, conference on web accessibility, and the ACCU Claroline, technical meeting of users of the pedagogic platform Claroline.
ciuen2012, the fourth edition of the international colloquium “University in the Digital Age,” which brings together all stakeholders in the academic world (universities, engineering schools, institutional and economic partners, experts in digital) on the challenges of the digital technologies in education world.

With the simultaneous holding of these events, the Salon du Numérique is the meeting place of over 2000 international participants including researchers, users and makers of public, private and political.

Available to all conference attendees, this exhibition will also be open to a much wider audience and welcome visitors through a special passport Salon du Numérique

Located in the heart of the Conference Centre, this exhibition highlights will be:

  • A central location to take benefit of the flow of visitors
  • Spaces of conviviality and breaks in the center of the exhibition area
  • Areas intended for confidential networking
  • Areas for presentations, panel discussions, open debates…

All the visitors will have access to the “posters” and demonstrations area of the conferences and will be able to interact with their authors. They will also benefit from presentations to be held in the Agora, dedicated space located in the exhibition space.

Exhibitors will benefit from media coverage of the week Lyon World Web Capital and from communication operations deployed around this event. They will be able to propose the holding of presentations in the Agora and will have the opportunity to meet scientists, industrialists working in the development of technologies related to web, and companies who use it every day, but also users interested in the latest, proposals, ads, debates about their daily tool: the Digital technology.


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